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Anti Microbial Resistance

Anti Microbial Resistance– Rampant use of antibiotics by human make them vulnerable for other diseases. Antibiotics in human body transformed into SUPERBUG. Later These superbugs make other antibiotics inactive which directly affect incubation period of healthy recovery. As per WHO.. Overuse of antibiotics cause for 7 lakh people died every year. Between 2005-2015 Globally Antibiotics […]


Every year Government procure >610 lakh Tonne of Grains. Government spend 750 Billion rupees. Distribution to > 80 crores people. ~(almost) 23 crores people have ration card. ~ 85% of these have been Aadhar seeded. ~ 4-5 crores Ration card holders are migrants. 5.42 lakh Public distribution system (PDS). 4.12 lakh PDS are with Point […]