Chandrayaan – 2

Chandrayaan is a Sanskrit word means 🌒 moon vehicle.

It is an Indian lunar mission.

15 August 2003 chandrayaan program announced by PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

22 October 2008 Chandrayaan- 1 was launched from satish dhawan space center at sriharikota.

8 November 2008 Chandrayaan -1 enter lunar transfer trajectory.

14 November 2008 the moon impact probe ejects and crashed near the lunar south pole – and confirmed presence of water molecules on Moon’s surface.

28 August 2009 End of the chandrayaan -1 program.

18 September 2008 PM Dr. Manmohan Singh approved chandrayaan-2.

22 July 2019 chandrayaan-2 launched

7 September 2019 soft landing on moon.

Chandrayaan-2 will go to the south polar region of moon, till now none of the country ever gone before in that region.

The south pole of lunar selected because of the larger surface area than north pole.

And there is a possibility of the presence of water in these region.

Chandrayaan-2 attempt to soft landing. It is India’s first space mission to conduct a soft landing on the moon surface and

first in the world to land on the south pole of the moon surface.

India will become 4th country to soft land on lunar surface after US, Russia and China.

Chandrayaan-2 launched by launcher GSLV MK-III.

Chandrayaan-2 contain orbiter, lander and Rover.


will observe lunar surface and maintain communication between earth and lander.

Lander- Vikram

named after Dr. Vikram sarabhai- father of India’s space mission.

Rover- Pratyush

It is 6 wheeled robotic vehicle get energy through Soler panel work for 1 year.


Main aim of Chandrayaan-2 is to mapping the lunar surface composition.

To understand the origin and evolution of the moon.

As evidence of water molecule discovered by chandrayaan-1 require further studies on the distribution of water molecule on the surface and below the surface of the 🌒.