Fruit of education in this world As per world Bank – Rubia Nura a 16 year old girl from Kano in Northern Nigeria, goes to school despite ever present threat from BOKO HARAM (Terrorist group) –

In 1948 Education is recognized as a basic human rights. It is central to unlocking human capabilities.

Education strengthen political development of nation by promoting Civic engagement of their population.

Each additional year of education = increase in individual’s earning by 8-10%.

Globally 260 million are not even enrolled in primary or secondary school.

Education leads longer lives and enables better life choices.

Across 52 countries at all income level in 2010-14 found that only 1/10 University graduate felt that they had little or no control over their lives.

Education makes people less likely to smoke, drink in excess, be over weight or use of illegal drugs and more responsive to health campaign like HIV/AIDS.

Education decrease crime committed by adult.

Reduce teen pregnancy and increase girls aspiration.

Increase women’s use of contraception and role in family planning decision.

Better educated mother raise healthy and more educated children.

Higher immunization better nutrition and lower mortality.

Education build human capital which translates into economic growth.

Additional growth reduce poverty, inequality and promote social mobility.

In 1970 gross primary enrollment rate was 68% in sub saharan countries and 47% in south Asia. By 2010 it become 100%.

Ratio of girls to boy in developing world is 0.96.

62 million girls between age 6-15 year still out of school.

37 million African children will learn so little in school that they will not be much better off the kids who never attend school.

Globally 125 million children are not acquiring functional literacy or numeracy ever after spending at least 4 year in school.

Education is the key which explore our intellect and gives understanding.

We Need to think, need to act and

and need to utilize its fruit.