Hong Kong Protest

Hong Kong become a colony of British empire after first Opium war 1842.

Opium war because Britishers sell opium in the china. These opium was cultivated in Indian subcontinent then carried to china through ship.

These ship unloaded the opium in China and loaded by tea.

These tea were unloaded in Britain and loaded with finished product to sell in the colonises.

It was business cycle of the European. China loose hong kong.

As opium was tobacco by which people gets effected due to Chinese authority take serious action against these activity which later converted into opium war between china and British empire.

In 1997 sovereignty over territory was transferred to china as a special administrative region.

Hong kong is different from China, in Human Development index Hong Kong comes at 7th rank.

This shows the development level in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Protest

The 2019 Hong Kong anti extradition Bill cause for protest in Hong Kong.

People of Hong Kong believe that such legislation will blur the system of one country two system .

Bill was proposed in Feb 2019.

First protest in March 2019. Millions of people are on the road in protest.

And even in last july it’s going on recently police firing tear gas on people.

In communist government individual opinion doesn’t matter for them so that such protest will continue happene. Whether it’s matter of Uigur Muslims in China or now Hong Kong issue.

These things must be end and individual liberties must prevail in society.

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