Women in farm sector

According to Food and Agriculture Organization, if women farmers had the same access to resources as men, they would increase output by 20-30% which would mean a dramatic reduction in hunger. This could raise total the agricultural output in developing countries by up to 4%.
  • Swaminathan, the famous agricultural scientist describes that “it was woman who first domesticated crop plants and thereby initiated the art and science of farming”.
  • Women make up about 33% of cultivators and about 47% of agricultural laborers in rural India. Overall, the percentage of rural women who depend on agriculture for their livelihood is as high as 84%.
  • In Census 2015, almost 86% of women farmers are devoid of this property right in land perhaps on account of the patriarchal set up in our society.
  • Women have just a dismal 12.8% of holdings despite being crucial to the whole production chain from farm to market.
  • women in Uttar Pradesh own a little under 18% of the land, and in Kerala it is just 14%. In other words, women can labour on farms but cannot hope to own them.
  • The possibility of collective farming can be encouraged to make women self-reliant. Training and skills imparted to women as has been done by some self-help groups and cooperative-based dairy activities (Saras in Rajasthan and Amul in Gujarat)

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